Elizabeth Taylor et Michael Jackson : une belle amitié


    Elizabeth Taylor comptait un grand nombre d'amis dans les hautes sphères de célébrités. Michael Jackson était sans aucun doute son plus fidèle et son plus célèbre ami. Elle a toujours défendu le chanteur quand celui-ci s'est retrouvé au milieu de scandales. En 1989, elle lui remettait un prix aux Heritage Awards 89 et a été la première à l'appeler "King Of Pop", lors de cette remise de prix.

    Lors d'une cérémonie, le chanteur lui avait même dédié une chanson, servant à récolter des fonds pour l'amfAr (une association de recherche de remède contre le sida). Il y a près de deux ans, l'actrice avait été vivement atteinte par le décès du chanteur.

    Spiritual Lessons from Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth's beauty was no accident.God designed Elizabeth to fulfill a unique role.Her DNA guaranteed her singular appearance.Most remember Elizabeth for her extraordinary beauty.Others remember her efforts to cure AIDs.She is known for stealing other women's husbands and for being married 8 times.What is her true legacy?

    Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, named for her paternal grandmother Elizabeth Mary Rosemond Taylor, was different from birth.She was born with a mutation, a double set of eyelashes.It is believed that this same mutation may have contributed to the congestive heart failure that ended her life at the age of 79.While working as a child star the cameraman complained, "Her eyes look too grown up.Take off her false eyelashes!"When told Elizabeth was not wearing false eyelashes he said, "Then take off the mascara."Elizabeth was not wearing mascara either.She was compared unfavorably to Shirley Temple and criticized because her eyes lacked innocence.

    Elizabeth Taylor as a Child

    Not only did she have unusual eyelashes, but her irises were such a deep blue that they often appeared violet.Her eyebrows created a dark and dramatic frame for her eyes.These amazing eyes set her apart from the start, but it wasn't until later that her body became so voluptuously curvy.Elizabeth's mystique would develop along with her body.She was destined to be a unique and transcendent star.Some would say she abused her gift of beauty.Instead I believe she fulfilled God's Purpose magnificently.

    When asked about beauty Elizabeth said, "I don't think beauty is worth a damn.First of all, it's so fleeting.It can make you a little happy sometimes.No!Beauty has nothing to do with the way you feel.The way you feel is what you are.If you are beautiful inside and do beautiful things, then I think that shows on the outside."

    Beauty is not worth a damn?There is a reason we are so fascinated with beauty.Have you ever noticed that angels are seen as very beautiful beings?When people speak of near death experiences often the first words they say are, "It was so beautiful."Beauty provides a divine service to humanity by reminding us of the afterlife and our true purpose on a soul level.Each of us has a soul with the potential to be far more beautiful than any physical body on Earth.

    I would argue that Elizabeth's beauty had a priceless value.Elizabeth Taylor was defined by her appearance.Her looks directed the entire trajectory of her life and made Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor.Elizabeth was not the body that she has now discarded to go to a better place but her physical beauty was a symbol for our divine nature.Why did Elizabeth use her body the way that she did?

    Elizabeth Taylor in White Frock

    Elizabeth was addicted to being in love.This is the case for many unusually beautiful women.In fact, this is one of the symptoms of what I call Very Attractive Woman (VAW) Syndrome.Unusually good looking woman are often courted furiously from a very young age.They become accustomed to walking on the cloud nine of new love.Elizabeth was wildly romantic and loved being in love.She felt empty and broken when not in love.However, the dangers of being addicted to love are often not well understood.Young people must figure out the pitfalls for themselves.Elizabeth acted out these problems for us on a national stage so that we could better understand the downside of love addiction.Does this make her unfaithful?I would argue that she followed her heart and did what she was meant to do.I believe that her public pain was designed to teach us about true love and real beauty.

    Elizabeth Taylor in Bathing Suit at the Beach

    No one woman can possibly be the most beautiful in the land.We are curious.When fairy tales describe the most beautiful in the land, we want to know what this would look like in real life.How beautiful can one woman possibly be?Violet eyes, double eyelashes, dramatic eyebrows, perfect nose, delicate profile, porcelain skin, thick dark hair, heart-shaped face, large breasts, tiny waist, shapely legs, graceful carriage, sweet voice – check off each quality that Elizabeth possessed.

    There is little doubt Elizabeth was exquisitely beautiful.Surely she was as lovely as any depiction of Snow White herself.But was Elizabeth the most beautiful in the land?

    Well, if she was, that distinction did not last for long.Even at the height of her beauty, there were those that said her looks were overrated.Richard Burton said that calling her "the most beautiful woman in the world is absolute nonsense.She has wonderful eyes, but she has a double chin and an overdeveloped chest, and she's rather short in the leg."

    Elizabeth Taylor with Weight Gain

    Physical beauty does not last.I personally feel the biggest impact of what Elizabeth will mean to me when I am in grade school and Elizabeth gains weight.I hear grown-ups say, "What a shame she has let herself go.She used to be so beautiful."Some people sound angry and act as if she has personally let them down.Many are disgusted.Elizabeth is supposed to be "Elizabeth Taylor" for Pete's Sake!Who does she think she is to turn into someone else?I wonder how Elizabeth feels when she topples from her pedestal.I feel sorry for her.It must feel terrible when others call her fat.I am a young woman noticed for my looks.I wonder, someday will people look at me with disgust if my appearance changes?

    When was Elizabeth at her most beautiful?We look through the snap shots.Was it here?Here?When Elizabeth says that beauty is fleeting she teaches us that you can't count on physical beauty.

    Beauty does not guarantee enduring romance and marital bliss.Elizabeth was known for stealing husbands from other women.She personifies the fear that many women have when they are around beautiful women – the fear that their man would gladly choose a more beautiful woman over them.But Elizabeth teaches us that there is no guarantee of romance even for a woman as good-looking as she is.Her many marriages do not last.She pokes holes in one of the beauty lies – the one that says that when a man mates with a very beautiful woman he is guaranteed to experience enduring romance and heightened sexuality for the rest of his life.We imagine that the most beautiful women and their partners experience constant sexual highs.To the contrary, Elizabeth's eight marriages show us that romance dies just as quickly for her as for anyone.Maybe this is part of what Elizabeth meant when she said "beauty is not worth a damn?"

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Physical beauty does not protect us from life's pain.When we look at great beauty we feel hopeful.We feel that maybe dreams and fairy tales can really come true.However, and strikingly so, Elizabeth's life was no fairy tale.She tells us she started working at the age of 8 and feels she lost her childhood.Her classroom was on set.She didn't have many opportunities for play.Her only peers were her co-stars.Elizabeth never went to a prom.The usual high school clubs or sports were not available to her.

    After Elizabeth became successful, her father sometimes hit her.She believes he couldn't accept that she earned more money than he did.She tells us her first husband, Nicky Hilton, quit drinking during the 9 months of their courtship.Two weeks after they married Nicky started drinking again.He was a mean drunk and she became his punching bag.This gorgeous woman, adored by the public, was the victim of domestic violence.Her third marriage to Michael Todd lasted barely a year when he died in a plane crash and she became a devastated widow.She experienced 7 divorces.Those of us familiar with the pain of divorce know it's hard to survive even one.

    She had 73 illnesses, injuries, or accidents that were serious enough to require hospitalization.She was pronounced dead three times.Two of those times she came back to life.She was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and went to Betty Ford for rehab twice.In one of her interviews with Barbara Walters, she confessed that the criticism about her weight and the fat jokes hurt her deeply.In another interview with Diane Sawyer she tells us of a time she was so fearful and lonely that she became agoraphobic: "I didn't want to leave my house.I guess because I was single and I didn't have anybody's hand to hold onto in those lonely (hours) when there's a silence, and you mentally know that there is someone there who is yours and is supporting you...And there was no one in my life that I could or felt comfortable to say, 'Can you take me to this party, or would you just take me to the movies?'"Can you believe the beautiful Elizabeth was often that lonely?

    Elizabeth Taylor tells us there were times when she was desperately unhappy.She lets us know that her beauty was no magic cloak protecting her from her insecurities or from the criticism of others.

    Elizabeth did things her way, without apology.Elizabeth symbolized a life of privilege and extravagant pleasure.Elizabeth Taylor – the woman who wrongs the demure and proper Debbie Reynolds when she steals her husband Eddie Fisher.Elizabeth Taylor – the woman who entices Richard Burton from his faithful mate.Elizabeth Taylor – the woman who is given fabulously expensive jewelry and gets everything she wants.Here is a dangerous woman who goes after what she wants despite what others think.

    As beautiful as she is, Elizabeth is not seen as a very nice girl.Those of us who try to be good girls, learn what happens to women who choose a different path.Elizabeth refuses to deny herself.She knows she should say no, but she says YES instead.In her own way, she lives her truth.She makes choices according to what she really wants, not according to what she should want.This gives the rest of us a chance to learn without making the same choices she does.We don't need to judge her.We can be grateful for her example instead.After all, she was addicted to being in love.Making love with a man you find ravishing on stage must make it very difficult to say no off stage.In a way, Elizabeth was set up so her example could become a service to us all.

    She was loyal to the causes and people she believed in.When her friend Rock Hudson died from AIDS she formed the AIDS foundation, AmFar, at a time when many refused to associate with that dreaded disease.Elizabeth leaped into her support for gay people with both feet.When Michael Jackson was denigrated and shamed by the world around him Elizabeth never wavered in her support for her long time friend.Elizabeth's code was her own.You can criticize many of her choices if you disagree, but one thing is certain – She lived according to her convictions.She didn't shrink from doing what she believed was right.

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Years after Elizabeth and Eddie Fisher began their affair;she and Debbie Reynolds rekindled their friendship.Debbie forgave Elizabeth.At the time of Elizabeth's death Debbie said, "We were friends.I even gave her a husband!"She says of her friend, "She was the most glamorous and sexual star of our generation.No-one else could equal Elizabeth's beauty and sexuality.Women liked her and men adored her, and her love for her children is enduring."

    We are all unique. Our bodies are instruments to use in our earth life.Paul Newman calls Elizabeth "a functioning voluptuary" saying she uses her instrument with great skill.Elizabeth's body is her earth suit.Her use of her body reminds us that we all have one-of-a-kind earth suits.Not all of us can be famous, but we are all unique and use our bodies as instruments.We aren't our bodies – we use our bodies.Elizabeth is a master, a virtuoso of body mastery.In her early movies, she doesn't walk, she glides.Her face telegraphs her emotions so clearly it's like looking into a mirror and seeing her soul and ours.As she ages before us she shows us what getting older means not just for a beautiful woman, but for all of us.

    Life is hard. Beauty lifts us.I love poring over pictures of Elizabeth.She is like a gorgeous real-life Barbie doll.It is fun to see how she looks in her fashionable clothing and glamorous jewelry.I love seeing her on exotic vacations.I believe she owes the huge diamond ring, the multiple husbands, and the passionate love affairs to her beauty.I am curious to see what this beauty brings to her life.Dreaming about Elizabeth is like reading a romance story – both help us fantasize about a life that is fun, privileged, safe, and exciting.Little girls need day dreams to help give them the courage to grow up.Big girls need dreams to help them soldier on when life is hard.However, the example of Elizabeth's life can show us the ways our dreams are immature and delusional.Can we learn from her and tailor our dreams in ways that lead to true happiness?

    If we are not to dream of a life of privilege, romance, wealth and fame, then what shall our dreams be made of?

    Elizabeth's example tells me that the best dreams are these:We can dream of a faithful mate who will stay by our side no matter what we look like, and the chance to create romantic moments.Elizabeth never gave up on romance and neither should we.Our dreams of romance can include simple pleasures and long term fidelity.We can aspire to be loyal and trustworthy friends and to have steadfast friends and family that will hold and comfort us when we are challenged by life.We can dream of work that allows us to use our abilities and position for the service of good.Our dreams can include enough money to take care of ourselves and the people we love.Like Elizabeth we can pray to find our strong spirit as we endure every hardship and find a way to persevere.May our dreams bring us beauty to admire and inspire.Let us make the choices that most matter to us regardless of public opinion.May we pray for forgiveness for ourselves and for others.When our lives are over, we can hope that we will have mattered to others, that we never gave up, held our heads high and survived our challenges.May we have the courage to show our vulnerabilities and inspire others with our strength.

    I suspect that, after her lifetime of experience, these are the dreams Elizabeth would whole-heartedly support.

    Elizabeth Taylor Waving in Wheel Chair

    Good Bye, Elizabeth.What do I most admire about Elizabeth?I admire the way she goes on.She says she can't remember a time when she wasn't famous.She has been idolized and denigrated but she continues to be and define herself.We don't hear about what happens to Snow White after she marries the prince.We are told only that she lives "happily ever after."Elizabeth Taylor completes the fairy tale.She shows us what happens when Snow White grows older and becomes the queen who is passed up by younger beauties.

    Thank you for the fantasies, Elizabeth. Thank you for being so human. Thank you for your falls from Grace. For those of us who must travel through young beauty to middle-aged spread and advanced age, you have forged a path so that we need never feel alone.You have done it and so can we.They say you and Marilyn Monroe had a rivalry for the crown of most beautiful in the land.Marilyn bowed out at the peak of her beauty and became a fantasy.You stuck around and showed us real life.Thank you for sticking around.Our lives are far richer as a result.

    If we could see your soul, made even more beautiful by the hard work and suffering in your lifetime, we would understand what life is all about.It's not about how pretty our earth suit appears, it's about how we use our earth suit to develop our eternal souls.Every symbol of beauty is a reminder of our true goal, that of accepting and performing our soul's sacred purpose.Beautiful Elizabeth, thank you for teaching us so much!

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